Sleep Number Vs Tempurpedic Beds: Which One is Better?

Selecting the right pillow for a sound sleep is one half of the story, the other half depends upon the type of bed you use. A bed which gives good support and helps in pain relief is the best one for you. Another important factor is how well you can sleep on it without being disturbed by the other person on the bed with you. In the following review of the Sleep Number vs Tempurpedic beds, you’ll get to know the views of the real owners of these beds and their feedback regarding both beds.

Firmness And Motion Isolation

Pain relief refers to the soothing of pain in any part of the body, for instance: back, neck and hip, shoulder and other body parts. Regarding firmness, the Sleep Number has the advantage here. With this bed you can adjust the firmness or softness by adding or removing air from the side. It’s quite easy. In contrast, you cannot adjust the firmness in Tempurpedic beds. However you can choose different models which give you different levels of firmness. This is fine if you know which level you prefer. Most users say that the Tempurpedic bed offers a medium to firm fitness.

Motion isolation in basic terms means how easily one person can move in or out of the bed without disturbing the other person in the bed. In this case, both beds are reasonably good and offer good motion isolation to the users. However, the survey reveals that the Tempurpedic offers very good motion isolation, and the Sleep Number offers average to good motion isolation.

Sharing the Bed as a Couple

Every bed has its own pros and cons. But in the end there wasn’t much difference of opinion between the two beds regarding couples. The Sleep Number has the advantage of firmness adjustment and gives a reasonable degree of motion isolation too. This is good for couples who enjoy cuddling and getting comfortable together. However there is one lag in the middle of the bed. This is a hump where the two air chambers meet, and this could become an inconvenience. Tempurpedic on the other hand gives excellent motion isolation but no adjustment to firmness, so it is a good mattress for couples.

Sleeping Temperature

Sleeping temperature is certainly an important factor to consider. It’s uncomfortable when it’s too hot to sleep. This can happen when warm air gets trapped. In our comparison, the majority of users were happy with The Sleep Number- only 3% reported heat problems. For the Tempurpedic beds, 12% of users reported problems.

Off Gassing, Weight And Noise

Off gassing means the initial chemical smell when the mattress is new. It’s not a huge deal, but it is something to keep in mind. Tempurpedic had a very high rate of complaints with about 20% reporting this problem as compared to only 4% with the Sleep Number. But it’s good to remember that the odor is only temporary, and goes away over time.

Portability is another important factor. You may end up moving at some point or just changing the layout of your bedroom. With regards to weight, the Sleep Number is very lightweight compared to the Tempurpedic beds.

Noise is yet another factor. You certainly don’t want your bed to squeak whenever you turn. The Sleep Number can be very noisy due to its air chambers. The Tempurpedic makes little or no noise at all.

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