Sealy Embody Reviews: The Ups and Downs

The Sealy embody mattresses are a newly introduced form of mattresses. They were first introduced in 2010. The series of embody mattresses includes high end Latex and Memory Foam mattresses. The prices of the Sealy brand are fairly inexpensive so for that reason they are well worth considering. The reviews are given below:

The Good Qualities

1) According to many customers this mattress is firm, which is good if that’s your preference. It’s also said that the plain of the bed is soft to lie down on, which makes it comfortable. You can expect a good night’s sleep on this bed. When you sleep on the bed and wake up the next day you feel fresher. In addition, it’s very easy for you to move on the bed because of its softness.

2) The price of the mattress is relatively cheap. It’s less than the cost of most other mattresses. The prices have generally been calculated to be about 82 percent less than competitors.

3) The mattress is also very durable. Many users claim that the quality does not decrease over time. Thus, it’s very long lasting. It has many features in it which make it resistant against any damage that might come iits way. The body of the mattress is also very good.

It Can Relieve Back Pain for Some

Many users have said that the mattress is good at relieving pain. Your back pain can disappear when you use this mattress for an extended period of time. This is mainly due to the firmness of the mattress.

The Downside

1) The Sealy Embody Reviews can vary since everyone has his own set of thoughts and preferences. Many people say that this mattress is good for relieving the back pain while others may not experience as much relief. It some cases, users have experienced some back pain because of the stiffness. The results really depend on the individual and how their body responds to a stiff mattress.

2) Some users report that they can feel the springs underneath the mattress. This can be quite painful. You can get tired of changing positions as everywhere you turn you feel the springs pushing on your back. As a result, this can disturb your sleep.

3) Many users find that the mattress is quite stiff. It does not get softer over time, it will generally stay the same. Some users have reported to have developed back pains and cervical issues by sleeping on this mattress, while others say that they find the mattress perfectly fine so the comfort of the mattress varies from person to person.

In the end, it is upon you to decide what you want out of your mattress and what your budget is. Overall it’s a good value if you prefer a stiff mattress.

Sleep Number Vs Tempurpedic Beds: Which One is Better?

Selecting the right pillow for a sound sleep is one half of the story, the other half depends upon the type of bed you use. A bed which gives good support and helps in pain relief is the best one for you. Another important factor is how well you can sleep on it without being disturbed by the other person on the bed with you. In the following review of the Sleep Number vs Tempurpedic beds, you’ll get to know the views of the real owners of these beds and their feedback regarding both beds.

Firmness And Motion Isolation

Pain relief refers to the soothing of pain in any part of the body, for instance: back, neck and hip, shoulder and other body parts. Regarding firmness, the Sleep Number has the advantage here. With this bed you can adjust the firmness or softness by adding or removing air from the side. It’s quite easy. In contrast, you cannot adjust the firmness in Tempurpedic beds. However you can choose different models which give you different levels of firmness. This is fine if you know which level you prefer. Most users say that the Tempurpedic bed offers a medium to firm fitness.

Motion isolation in basic terms means how easily one person can move in or out of the bed without disturbing the other person in the bed. In this case, both beds are reasonably good and offer good motion isolation to the users. However, the survey reveals that the Tempurpedic offers very good motion isolation, and the Sleep Number offers average to good motion isolation.

Sharing the Bed as a Couple

Every bed has its own pros and cons. But in the end there wasn’t much difference of opinion between the two beds regarding couples. The Sleep Number has the advantage of firmness adjustment and gives a reasonable degree of motion isolation too. This is good for couples who enjoy cuddling and getting comfortable together. However there is one lag in the middle of the bed. This is a hump where the two air chambers meet, and this could become an inconvenience. Tempurpedic on the other hand gives excellent motion isolation but no adjustment to firmness, so it is a good mattress for couples.

Sleeping Temperature

Sleeping temperature is certainly an important factor to consider. It’s uncomfortable when it’s too hot to sleep. This can happen when warm air gets trapped. In our comparison, the majority of users were happy with The Sleep Number- only 3% reported heat problems. For the Tempurpedic beds, 12% of users reported problems.

Off Gassing, Weight And Noise

Off gassing means the initial chemical smell when the mattress is new. It’s not a huge deal, but it is something to keep in mind. Tempurpedic had a very high rate of complaints with about 20% reporting this problem as compared to only 4% with the Sleep Number. But it’s good to remember that the odor is only temporary, and goes away over time.

Portability is another important factor. You may end up moving at some point or just changing the layout of your bedroom. With regards to weight, the Sleep Number is very lightweight compared to the Tempurpedic beds.

Noise is yet another factor. You certainly don’t want your bed to squeak whenever you turn. The Sleep Number can be very noisy due to its air chambers. The Tempurpedic makes little or no noise at all.

Sleep Number Reviews: A Few Facts

A lot of people who are interested in buying a mattress go for a Sleep Number. When they aim to buy it they want to see how comfortable the mattress really is. For this reason they look at reviews to help them with their decision. Overall there are positive and negatives of buying this mattress. We will discuss them below.

How the Mattress Works

This mattress is quite an invention. The whole premise is that everyone has a difference preference regarding firmness, and that this preference can be defined by a single number. The mattress has a setting where you input the number you want, and then the mattress will automatically adjust to that number’s firmness.

The Pros

• Comfort: If you give this mattress a chance it can be quite comfortable. There is a reason that many people say that it’s the best mattress they have ever owned. Their reasoning mainly comes down to comfort.

• Relieve Back Aches: Because the firmness is adjustable, you can eventually find the setting that works best for your back. This usually involves using a firmer setting.

The Cons

• Expensive: This is not a cheap mattress so it might be out of range for those on a budget. Prices usually go for around $1000 on the low end, and $2700 on the high end. The larger the bed, the more it will cost. It’s also worth noting that delivery will cost extra.

• Technical Issues: If you weigh a little more than your partner, then one side will start getting stiff instead of soft which later causes problems and you won’t feel comfortable after a month or so.

• Customer Service Issues: Some people have reported problems with customer service. For instance, some said the mattress was not in a good condition when they bought it. They said that there was a hole in the mattress and when they called the service to fix it, the employees did not do a good job. But overall it basically all depends on each individual experience. Some people have had an excellent experience while others have not. So the buying experience varies for each person.

It’s important to note that some stores will let you try the mattress free for thirty days. This is the best way to know if it’s right for you or not. If it’s not the right fit then you can just return it for no charge.

Restonic Mattress Reviews: A Quick Glance

Restonic is not a popular brand in mattresses and beds but it is still a quality brand. Restonic has been under the radar for a while and it deserves more publicity. Before you consider buying this product you should read the reviews and make your decision about whether this brand would be a good enough fit for you. Given below are a few points to consider that will help with your decision.

Positive Aspects

Most importantly, this bed is very comfortable. You may even fall asleep the moment you lie down on it. It’s not only soft but the very touch of the it makes you want to rest on it. You no longer have to count sheep in order to fall asleep, as your slumber is taken care with the Restonic mattress. The size of the mattress and the box spring are almost perfectly designed, as stated by a few of the buyers. It also has four handles of fabric to hold on to and they are sewn into the mattress. This makes moving the bed very convenient. These handles can be used to flip the mattress or to rotate it when necessary.

Consumers say that the design features of the Restonic mattress are really beautiful and comfortable. Its five zone sleep system helps you fall asleep very quickly and enables you to have a good night’s sleep. The feature known as spira-lok is also a plus. According to the feature’s description, the steel wires are tightened together and so they hold your bed together to reduce motion. The super edge technology of the product prevents it from breaking from the edges and holds it together. It also helps the user in lying down comfortably and prevents the user from lying into the middle of the bed which can be uncomfortable at times.


An important factor is that the brand comes with a one year warranty. The warranty is limited but a years time is when a mattress typically starts showing some wear. In case the product breaks or gets damaged, the company will fix it without any additional charges.

This mattress will also last a while. Please note that The life can be increased if it’s frequently rotated. If it doesn’t get rotated then it might loose some strength and flexibility.

Negative Aspects

Some buyers in their Restonic mattress reviews state that the mattress is too hard for them. They also said that it gave them back pain. However this complaint wasn’t raised often. But if you need a really soft mattress then this brand might not be right for you.

Overall the Restonic is a quality brand that deserves to be considered. The company makes a wide variety of mattresses and so you can be sure to find one to your liking.

Pillow Reviews: Which Is Best For You?

Having the right pillow is important for a good night’s sleep. The wrong pillow will make you feel uncomfortable and it might even give you neck and back pain. There are many types on the market and they all have their pros and cons. You will also find many pillow reviews to look into before buying a specific kind of a pillow. Therefore it is important to know which kind suits you the most.

• Down: These are soft, cuddly and lightweight pillows. However, they do lack support and feathers can escape.
• Down alternative/Gel: They are reasonably priced and soft. But they require regular fluffing, may lack firmness, and don’t have a long life.
• Buckwheat: These are comfortable and they give some relief to back pain. You can adjust the height of the pillow by adding or removing hulls. They are a little heavier than others.
• Latex: They are in between in terms of support and comfort. Good in pain relief and hold shape. But they can get flat with usage.
• Polyester: They are inexpensive and easy to care for. However they can get ‘lumpy’ over time.
• Water based (Mediflow): They help in relieving pain and you can adjust the softness and firmness. You need to determine the right amount of water to suit you.
• Memory Foam: They help in pain relief. The contents remain intact and give average support and softness. They are too firm for some people.

Pillow Reviews According To Owner Satisfaction

The following data gives an idea about the pillow reviews conducted from a wide range of users on their satisfaction on different types.

• The buckwheat: 85% of the people were satisfied from the usage of this type.
• Latex: 84% were satisfied from its usage and comfort.
• Down alternative: Down alternative fell closely behind the latex brands. Among the users reviewed, 83% were happy using this type.
• Polyester: Polyester tied in terms of owner satisfaction with the down alternative. Its owners also rated it 83% in terms of owner satisfaction.
• Water-based: Earned an 82% satisfaction rating from its users.
• Down: Owners gave it a satisfaction rating of 80%.
• Feather: 78% were satisfied
• Micro bead: They scored the last position in terms of owner satisfaction, scoring a percentage of 76%.

Pillow Reviews Conducted In Terms Of Firmness

The reviews show that the buckwheat was the most firm according to the owners experience. Second place went to the micro bead and third to the latex. Memory foam was another popular choice. It offers an ideal compromise between the firmness and softness of the pillow. It’s worth noting that the down alternative is the second softest and the down pillow is the softest of all.

Pain Relief Ability

According to the reviews conducted: water based, latex, buckwheat and micro bead are the best. With water based rated number one and micro bead taking the fourth position. While, memory foam, down alternative, polyester, down and feather provide comfort in decreasing order.

Your Sleeping Position

Buckwheat, water-based, polyester, memory foam and micro bead offer good support for sleeping either on your back or on your sides. However, these are not comfortable if you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach. Down alternative and feather pillows are suitable for stomach position sleeping and they offer good comfort on your back and side positions as well.

Memory Foam Pillow Reviews: Your Cure To Proper Neck Support While Sleeping

In the 1960s, NASA came up with a material called polyurethane which had chemicals with high viscosity. This material proved to be an excellent material for making pillows and mattresses called memory foam pillows. Continue reading

Aireloom Mattress Reviews: What The Customers Think

Aireloom has been a recognized brand in mattresses for nearly 40 years. The story began when Ronald Reagan was president of the white house and demanded that all his rooms have Aireloom mattresses in them. Since then the Aireloom brand became a symbol of luxury and comfort. Hotels would only place Aireloom mattresses in their most distinct client’s bedrooms. However in 2004 the patent rights and designs of the company were purchased by the E. S. Kluft & Company and they have created the next breed of luxury mattresses to sell to future generations. The company makes mattresses for mid to luxury class markets and sells them in the finest retail shops.

Just recently, Aireloom conducted new market research for its innerspring and latex mattresses. 55 owner experiences were studied and properly researched for a better understanding of where the company stands in the mind of the consumer. This Aireloom mattress review should give you a good idea on the company’s position in the market.

Aireloom Mattress Reviews: The Pros And Cons Of Owning Aireloom

As per the customer research, the results have given us a fairly good idea about owning an Airloom mattress. Right after you set the mattress up there is no noticeable odor or smell. This is certainly a positive, and different from other brands. As far as heat is concerned, there were hardly any reports of the mattress trapping heat so you don’t need to worry about being uncomfortably hot. Also, considering it’s an innerspring mattress, the brand is somewhat better than others when it comes to motion isolation i.e. you won’t feel the movements of your partner on the bed during the night.

Regarding the Aireloom Mattress reviews, the cons are: the mattresses seem to be priced quite high. It’s more costly than the average market price for mattresses- which is around $1600. Since it’s high priced it can be harder to get Aireloom mattress reviews from people you know. Only the best retail stores tend to sell these mattresses and they might not be very honest with you. Another downside is that these mattresses don’t tend to last too long. Overall, the innerspring Aireloom mattress reviews result in average customer satisfaction.

Aireloom Mattress reviews: Ratings and results

Upon reviewing 50 customers who own the Aireloom mattresses, the innerspring models seem to give average satisfaction. Only 60% of the Aireloom owners were completely satisfied with the innerspring mattresses they owned. Nearly 33% of the owners in the research of the mattresses reported it would sag or form physical deformation within the first 3-4 years. Amongst these physical indentations, sink holes were the most common complaint and they caused severe discomfort from a lack of support. Customers were also not very impressed with the pricing of the brand. They payed nearly $1600- $6000 for their mattresses lasting only 3-4 years. So in the segments of customer satisfaction, price, and longevity the brand received a D rating.

Aireloom Mattress Reviews: Other Qualities

The customers found that the Aireloom mattresses performed above average when it came to motion isolation. Movements were isolated and were not felt by a partner sleeping on the same mattress. The mattresses also did not have the initial odor that customers dislike, except for the foam models. The brand also had minimum complaints that the mattresses trapped heat causing customers to sleep uncomfortably. In these segments the brand received a B rating by the customers.

Due to quick deformation of the mattress or sink holes, customers complained that there was some discomfort. It was especially caused during sex since the bed made noises when they moved. Another negative is that the designs did not have a flip mattress option and the warranty life was half of that of its competitors.

Aireloom mattress reviews for Latex mattresses were also conducted. The latex mattress had only a limited number of customer experiences studied and therefore there is not yet a clear understanding of the brand. However as per the limited sample size, the mattress has a 100% satisfaction rating and the customers were pleased with the comfort the mattress offers.

King Koil Mattress Review

Specializing in spring based mattresses, King Koil has been in the business for over a hundred years. Their inner spring mattresses with foam provide a lot of comfort for their consumers. A century long experience makes them a trustworthy brand and they have managed to satisfy a lot of customers over the years.


The manufacturers started their sales in 1898. They initially started selling at a mid-price range and have continued that same tradition. They sell innerspring foam mattresses that can consist of regular foam, memory foam or latex.

Customer Satisfaction

In general their customers are satisfied. To put a number on it, the company has managed to satisfy 60% of their customers. According to a survey, many customers found it to be just what they were looking for- a mid-priced mattress with foam and innersprings in the price range of $370 and $2500. People who are unable to afford expensive mattresses get a chance to enjoy a good night’s sleep at a very low price.

There were some unsatisfied customers however. The main issue is that the mattress was not found to be a durable as some of the competitors. The material will eventually start to wear out over time


Overall the company manages to satisfy 60% of customers when compared to other innerspring mattresses. When it comes to longevity, this product may not the best option as they start sagging and even lose support within 5 years. The low starting price of $370 is overshadowed by its durability issues and new customers hesitate to buy for this reason. There are also complaints about motion isolation- if one person moves on the mattress then the other person might get disturbed. In addition, some customers have reported that their mattress makes squeaks and noises when used.

The manufactures have completely handled the problem of initial odor, as there is none to speak of. There are also no issues with heat inside the mattress. Air circulates inside the mattress to keep it cool and to provide a comfortable sleep.

The company provides warranties varying from 5-20 years based on the model of the mattress. According to reviews, every third customer has been unsatisfied with the customer service provided by the manufacturers. But with all these mixed reviews, it still has an A+ rating provided by Better Business Bureau. According to the BBB, King Koil has had three complaints made against it in the past 3 years which is better than other firms of similar size.

Overall this brand manages to provide cheap, good quality mattresses but with a few issues regarding durability. But the reviews clearly show that they are a one of the better brands in the industry. 100 years in business proves that they have been doing something right since they have survived for this long. For this reason alone the brand is well-worth your consideration.

Bed In A Box Reviews: The Customer’s Verdict

It has been almost 8 years now since the company has been in business. They sell mattresses of intermediate price but of exceptional quality. Since 2004 when they started their business they have satisfied over a staggering 85% of their consumers. That number certainly speaks for itself.

A Step Above the Competition

The reviews speak for themselves. Let’s do a direct comparison of with the rival companies.
• Owner Satisfaction: An 86% customer satisfaction level which is only matched by the Tempur-Pedic Cloud.
• Price Range: Starting at a mid-range price of $600 and going up to $2000, this is where it completely beats its main rival (Tempur-Pedic Cloud) which starts at a very hefty price of $1600 and goes up to over $3500. The Tempur-pedic HD goes up to an even higher price of $6300.
• Durability: When it comes to durability it’s as good as any brand.
• Warranty: It comes with a 20 year warranty which only a few other companies can match.
• Lightweight: It weighs as light as any other mattress on the market.
• Retailer: Being only available at ensures a 100% guarantee that it’s not a counterfeit.
• Noise: It remains pretty quiet under all conditions since it does not have any inner springs.
• Good for couples: When compared to its rival companies it is just as good for couples as any other mattress, if not better.
• BBB Rating: A rating of A+ as given by the Better Business Bureau.
• Complaints: To this date no complaint has been registered against the company for any reason whatsoever.
• Customer Service: There have been a few complaints regarding the quality of customer service.
• Firmness: There are a variety of models which vary in firmness from medium-soft to medium-firm. There is also the Silk Elegance Adjustable model that allows you to adjust the firmness a little bit.

Users have also claimed that they found reduced pain in their backs and a decrease in their pressure point pain. This is probably because the brand does not have any innersprings.


As a customer if you are looking for a mattress that meets your everyday needs, then there is no better choice to provide such a great value. It satisfies your daily needs and will not give you any trouble. Another strong-point is that the company provides one of the best warranties on the market. The satisfaction speaks for itself, so you can check out the mattress on their website and experience what many others have recommended. You can choose from a variety of models according to what you are looking for in a mattress and be amazed by all the qualities provided.